Regeneration powered by
resorbable magnesium

More predictable dental bone and soft tissue grafting

Key Features

Form stable, yet resorbable

Our metallic magnesium devices have the form-stability needed to protect regenerating bone defects while resorbing over the course of six months

Soft tissue friendly

Our metallic magnesium devices have demonstrated reduced soft tissue injuries and irritations compared to titanium devices in a pre-clinical study

Free of human and animal tissue

Our metallic magnesium devices are fully synthetic and contain only magnesium and other elements naturally found in bone

Product Pipeline

Regeneration powered by resorbable magnesium

Barrier membrane

Emergence Dental’s lead product is a magnesium-based barrier membrane for use in ridge augmentation procedures. It combines the form-stability of today’s titanium-reinforced barrier membranes or meshes with the resorbability of natural polymer barrier membranes.

Membrane fixation system

Emergence Dental is also developing a magnesium screw and custom surgical kit for the fixation of magnesium-based and other barrier membranes. These magnesium screws have similar strength to resorbable polymeric screws without the concern of inflammation from acidic degradation by-products.

Bone void fillers

Emergence Dental’s magnesium-polymer bone void filler is suitable for indications ranging from ridge preservation to ridge augmentation. The fully synthetic magnesium-based composition supports bone regeneration and avoids drawbacks of many alloplastic bone void fillers

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